Update: Ocean Hugger Foods to launch plant-based eel and tuna in the UK

Ocean Hugger Foods.jpg

Ocean Hugger Foods recently showcased its plant-based seafood products in London at the 2019 Hyper Japan Show. The ‘Ahimi’ is a plant-based sushi tuna product made up of tomatoes, which can be used to make dishes such as sushi, sashimi, ceviche, and poké. The ‘Unami’ is an alternative to eel, made from aubergine and suitable for sushi and rice bowls. Both products offer a ‘seafood experience’ in a sustainable way, and will be available in the UK by September 2019.

Founder James Corwell said: “Both products were inspired by Japan’s traditional sushi culture and are a great alternative for chefs who want to provide their guests with dishes highlighting the natural texture and experience of sushi, without the negative environmental impacts of wild or farmed seafood.” 

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