TUNO seafood-substitute range to be available in more UK stores

Loma Linda.jpg

Tree of Life, The Health Store, Suma, and Marigold have recently contracted to carry the Loma Linda brand’s alternative seafood line, TUNO. The gluten-free, protein-rich, and plant-based products designed to recreate the flaky texture of seafood is made up of soy, yeast, sunflower oil, and seaweed. 

Some UK-based stores plan to run promotions throughout 2019 surrounding their new stocks of Loma Linda products. The brand’s ranges have already hit UK shelves and online retailers, with a recommended retail price of 1.79 GBP per TUNO item and 3.99 GBP per ready meal.

To learn more about TUNO, visit their website and follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.