US-based Heritage Health Food produces plant-based ‘Vege-Scallops’

Heritage Health Food.png

Heritage Health Food, a Tennessee-based meatless foods company, provides plant-based products that include the canned soy-based ‘Vege-Scallops’, which is also kosher and GMO-free. 

Heritage Health Food hopes to meet expanding global food needs. CEO Donald Otis said: “I called my company Heritage because of the strong heritage of food development and the creation of meat-free products that came out of those early pioneer years with an emphasis on helping people find healthier alternative food choices and supporting the health work around the world. In many ways, we need to re-energise the heritage that was so strong and continue that heritage to a new generation and a waiting world.”

If you are interested in partnering with Heritage Health Food, reach out to CEO Donald Otis on LinkedIn and find out more about the brand by following them on Facebook.