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Natural seafood stocks are depleted, commercial fishing damages the ocean and demand is rising as the global population continues to grow. A reduced seafood consumption could save one of our greatest habitats, and seafood substitutes are coming to the rescue to those consumers looking for supplements or even wanting to remove natural seafood from their diet altogether. wants to be a part of the solution by mapping and then matchmaking substitute seafood brands with big B2C brands, investors, governments, universities and NGOs around the globe. To increase both Return On Purpose and financial ROI - the global market for alternative proteins is set to reach $5.2 billion by 2020 (Allied Market Research).

If you’re changing the sector as we speak, then do get in touch- our contact details can be found below. We’re keen to help you make waves. is part of the On Purpose Ventures BV– niche sectors with a purpose.



We’re always looking to add bright and bold people to our team. Whether you’re a wise veteran or an invincible young professional, it doesn’t determine your contribution - we believe passion and purpose are more important. For more info on current openings and roles, please head over to On Purpose Ventures (we’re part of their portfolio) and check out the listings page >>>



If you have a query about what we deliver or how you fit into the future of seafood substitutes, just reach out to us via, which we check 24/7 - expect a quick reply!

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